Caravan Overnight Farmstay

This website provides a link between Farmers who are willing to have self-contained vehicles park on their land overnight and Travellers moving between towns.

We have farms registered across Australia and one in New Zealand.

Nomads and Travellers!

Are you sick of trying to find a safe place to stop every night. Making do with a truck bay full of refrigerator motors or worse being woken by a bunch of louts.

Are you looking for a safe, quiet parking spot for your caravan or motorhome when travelling between towns?

Once you become a Member of CARAVAN OVERNIGHT FARMSTAY, as a Farmer’s friend you can gain access to safe sites all over Australia in a welcoming environment and able to park overnight, for a small donation.

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Here's your chance to get in on the ground floor of an exciting new addition to your farm experience.

Fancy being able to access the expanding grey nomad and travelling RV market without having to leave your farm?

Do you have a gateway or little used service road or piece of flat land you would allow self-contained vehicles to park overnight?

The Nomad/Traveller members of CARAVAN OVERNIGHT FARMSTAY would like to become your friends and make a donation for the privilege of being able to stay on your property.

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